healing your origin




In the very beginning of our life we undergo basic imprints that forms our behavioral patterns. Separation from source, conception, embodiment, intrauterine experiences and the quality of the birthing process have a strong impact on the way we experience the world.


This foundation in combination with early bonding and attachment processes shape our way of relating to the world, to ourselves and to people around us.

In these times of uncertainty, a lot of us are challenged to live a life between normality and the challenge of an ongoing fear and changing outer circumstances connected with the Corona Virus.


And the it can happen that old wounds are showing up again, because our early experiences reach deep into our somatic, emotional, energetic and spiritual make-up. It is this heightened vulnerability that requires a safe space. This special space allows for slowness, mindfulness, gentleness as well as attentive presence to invoke healing in the different levels of our being-nature. 


16./17. June 2020
Organizer: Josephine Overeem
Facilitator: Andrea Wandel
Creative Assistant: Klaas van Leggelo 
Josephine Overeem cv@cv.telenet.be

Rijkendalstraat 12
1853 Strombeek
+32 486 582 499