Health Practitioner since 1987 
Andrea is originally one of triplets and loves to be a worldwide traveler. She was born in South America, raised in Germany, built up a practice in the North of Germany and build up trainings all over the world and recently new projects in South Africa. As she is used to work on different levels of consciousness she would call herself a free spirit. When time is allowing her own flow she loves to compose her piano songs. She loves connection in every aspect of life, especially when a spiritual space is included in the connection. 
Her deepest intention is to create a listening field where people can meet their deepest needs and establish a space of practical integration. 
Life is too short to not take the chance of transformation. 
Additional trainings:
Study of music
Piano teacher
Autonomic self regulation ( Dr.Dietrich Klinghardt) 
Systemic constellation work (Bert Hellinger) 
Embryology (Jaap van der Wal)  
Developmental Psychology (Diana Poole Heller) 
Body based trauma work (Peter Levine) 
Biodynamics Craniosacral Therapy - (Franklin Sills, Michael Shea)  
She has two wonderful daughters and two enchanting grand-daughters.
Besides her job and family tasks, in some still moments, she loves to play her own compositions on the piano. 
Have a look and listen: www.holisticwandel.com