Space and time sessions


In the last 30 years my work revolved around personal transformation, healing, self-connection and deep felt intimacy to our life journey. I dedicated my love, time, enthusiasm and passion to my work, which has been at the same time my calling. My work changed and transformed both - me and itself - to ever newer and subtler ways of engaging inner processes.


Globalisation does not stop at my doorstep. By travelling, working and living on different continents my nature of work changed. Experience has shown the effectiveness of space-and time sessions over long distances. Therefore you are welcome to book sessions with me where we set a particular timeframe to offer you remote presence-constellation and trauma-work services. In my experience the physical space and distance serves as an amplifier for the process and for many people remote sessions are both more effective and easier. During session time you can take time for yourself or proceed with your life as usual. After the session I send you an email with my readings, findings, perceptions and share essentials of the process. You can send me feedback or ask questions.


The fee for my service has to be transferred to my German bank account. You will receive the bank details with my confirmation Email for the scheduled appointment.

Thank you for your attention and interest in my work.


You can write me an e-mail and so we get in contact: