art of living and dying

Encountering life during death, encountering death during life



A seminar for those interested, who allow transformation


During the seminar paths will be demonstrated, as to how we are able to establish contact with various qualities of consciousness.

How can we mediate between the immaterial world and the firmly rooted reality of mankind?

Dying and death are taboo subjects in our culture and society.

We would like to create more space and give more attention to this great transition (excarnation) in life and death.

The consciousness of our immortal soul would like to be recognized and explored.


Let´s take a look at the topics with the following tools:


Focus on attentiveness, retrospection through contact with ourselves, meditative mindfulness, regulating ourselves, connections, mirror neurons, relativity of truth, ability to resonate, establishing structure in relation to life and death, to hang on and let go, uncertainty and certainty, recognizing and using various stages of dying, release control in a controlling way, concentration, transcendence, intensity, sensitivity, etc.

Whether trauma, intense sensitivity, illness, enlightenment, suffering... everything invites us to get in touch more deeply with ourselves and to live the gift of dying in life. 


Do you know what it means to be touched by, be moved by and even be healed by our deaths?