Connection without borders



To create meeting points with people all around the globe. To deepen themes with experienced people in a relative short period of time. To allow you to connect with each other without traveling. To create healing in our field awareness. 

Even now, the world has changed, we have changed and we still need to find and integrate new pathways how to deal with this new world which is still changing every day.  

We would like to offer you an ongoing online platform where we come together once a month to deepen specific topics which you can also bring in yourself, to connect with each other and to share and learn from each other. In order to feel connected, we reach out to connect with each other.

We will deepen how to be and stay resilient during a global health crisis and afterwards. We will help each other to take a break and to discover the deep needs of our human nature. And we will open up the field to create individual roadmaps how to navigate through this “new” time.

We want to create a listening field where the wisdom can take over and which helps us to cope with our natural anxieties and fears. Connection is the opposite of isolation and just remember, you are not alone.  An ongoing community of people who know our work, can provide more safety and the allowance to reach out because you want to grow. 


What we will offer?

·    Creation of a healing field connection where everybody can commit for 1 year and feel the safety within.  

·     Every month a new topic.
You also can let us know what topics you would be interested in the most.  We will take them into consideration for our preparation of the webinar. We love to dance together in an inspiring way. Feel free to share your wishes. 

·    Meditation

·    Theory

·    Spirituality

·    Practical exercises for your daily life

·    Sharing and interaction


What do you get out of it?

·    Connection with yourself and an international group of people with the same interest  

·    Insights for your daily life to specific topics

·    Practical tools which you can use on a daily base