healing your origin / process oriented work

In the very beginning of life we undergo basic imprint that forms our behavioural patterns. Separation from source, conception, embodiment, intrauterine experiences and the quality of the birthing process have a strong impact on the way we experience the world. This foundation in combination with early bonding and attachment processes shape our way of relating to the world, to ourselves and to people around us.


The early experiences reach deep into our somatic, emotional, energetic and spiritual make-up. It is this heightened vulnerability that requires a safe space. This special space allows for slowness, mindfulness, gentleness as well as attentive presence to invoke healing in the different levels of our being-nature.


This workshop offers the opportunity to inquire into your own origin (al) process within the supportive framework of the group. Every inquirer is offered a specific time slot to explore and heal his/her original experience of transition. You will be guided through the different layers of your early imprints to recover your health, well-being and full relational potential.


This kind of workshop is an invitation for mindfulness and attentivenes with yourself and the body of the group. It is an invitation to increase intimacy with yourself, the world around you and the people you love. This time is a gift to yourself.


Healing Your Origin
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