high sensitivity


Highly sensitive people perceive more and stronger than others, many describe it as filterless, as maximally intense.
The overstimulation in our everyday life often leads to particularly strong physical and mental stress. They have a lower stress tolerance so that they can react more quickly to stimuli.
Experts speak of a "highly excitable autonomic nervous system".
The emotional roller coaster rides are hard to describe, and many have a problem with being perhaps less capable and "different" than our lives demand.
But they can begin to appreciate and integrate this special perceptual ability by learning the subtle language of the body.
They sense more intensely and are often very empathetic as a result, which makes them valued members of our society. You can get into particularly deep contact with them and they are masters at reading moods.
Since they are very attentive and live in a permanent state of alertness, they often seek retreat, silence, contemplation as a place of rest. They are good at focusing, separating and relaxing - this is essential for survival.
Often, high sensitivity is equated or even confused with trauma. 
One could say that one can generally distinguish between
1. congenital high sensitivity, which is genetically determined and remains for life
and the
2. trauma-induced high sensitivity, in which the tendency to overstimulate the senses decreases once the trauma has been dealt with.
What is special about innate high sensitivity is a very intense sensory processing, a strong empathic ability and a high social and ecological awareness.
When highly sensitive people begin to recognize the beauty of this specialness and when they train to perceive the language of their body more finely, they can relax into this extraordinary personality trait.
They learn to implement this gift as a gift for themselves and the world.
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For many, many years I have been working together with Jutta Böttcher, who has built up a “center of competence for heightened sensitive people" in Buxtehude/ Germany.
On her site she offers a treasure trove of articles, blogs and trainings, especially tailored to high sensitivity and trauma. 
Please have a look: www.aurum-cordis.de 
I love working with Jutta. Amrum Cordes combines subtlety, intelligence, high perceptiveness and deep understanding of all that exists. If you are open to transformation and integration, you are in good hands there. Have fun browsing!