regulation therapy

Regulation Therapy is a non-cathartic mind/body approach aimed at diminishing excess activation in the nervous system. It has its basis in neurobiology and reflects our innate capacity to flexibly respond to novelty or threat.

This work is a work with a specific muscle test to detect bacterial, viral, fungal and mycoplasma infections and identify the underlying causes of many chronic illnesses. RT is also used to determine the most effective acupuncture points or homeopathic remedies. 

Significant overwhelming events at any time in one’s life can result in changes in the nervous system that negatively impact the way a person feels and relates to others. SRT enables the nervous system to integrate overwhelming events and brings balance to the nervous system. By resourcing the client, new neural pathways are developed to flexibly manage daily challenges and stressors. Once the nervous system is balanced, individuals are able to experience joy, closeness in relationships, and vitality and resilience in the body.

The autonom regulation diagnosis and the psycho-kinesiology was developped by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.