Sound, silence and movement

A voyage of discovery towards a new kind of ‘listening’.

Listening to silence, sounds and movement as a means of re-forming our Essential being.


A seminar for ‘listeners’ who don’t claim to have all the answers


Every living being, wherever he or she comes from, understands music and movement. Nobody would question the influence that music has on both body and soul and that it forms a connection between the physical and spiritual worlds.  According to the Vedas sound is the origin and foundation of the world we live in. Sound is a vibration of creative power, and we can tune ourselves to  universal sounds in order to clarify and heal our personalities.


With the help of various techniques we can go back to our original healthy vibration, and tune into the constant state of movement that involves all things.


This seminar is an invitation to go beyond our ‘filters’ of logic and analysis, into true ‘listening’ to:

-      Silence in relation to our own intrinsic sound and rhythm.

-      Outer space and internal space.

-      Being present through breathing and listening

-      Intention and attention

-      The transforming power of resonance

-      Harmonious sounds and constancy

-      Movement and vocal expression beyond structure and conditioning.

-      Use of inner expression to release blocks

-      Creativity


Staying in the Essence and listening to our inner voice can be pure joy.


piano piece, Andrea Wandel
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