Systemic Constellation


This work is not about constellations. It is one way to facilitate, support, heal and complete our inner perceptual, experiential and self-relational structure.


In this kind of work you will have the opportunity to look at personal relevant issues within a supportive holding environment of a small group (8 - 10 people) or in a one-to- one session. Here you will find some guidance for the next steps to take in your life situation. We will work with systemic constellations, trauma work, neuroaffective touch and pay particular attention to the wisdom of the body.


Complex problems confront us often with the limitations of our current problem-solving skills. And although humans are eager to face the challenges in their personal, professional and private lives, solutions and success are not always easy to find. Do we need to change the way we live?


Experience shows that we struggle with selfsame patterns and issues despite our best intentions, smart concepts, and shrewd maneuvers. Complex issues, self-referential subjects, and multilevel challenges need an integrative approach and various forms of intelligence. 

With process-oriented systemic constellations, varied inner navigation skills, reciprocal systemic interactions, and personality skills, you go on an insightful journey into phenomenological forms of understanding.


This learning experience introduces you into much-needed forms of self-implicative insight and knowledge generation. A timely approach in a tumbling world that requires co-operation, partnership, and sustained transformation for the benefit of all.


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