By developing mindfulness, gentleness and authentic friendliness we bring about a healing quality in our daily relationships, that can even overcome the common traumata of our daily lives.
 In essence, we need to heal our conditions of isolation, competition, distrust and fear. We need to look into our innermost perceptive patterns and reach into the inner structure of how we do ourselves, and relate to people around us. This requires an unknown gentleness, safety, and elicitation skills that we learn nowhere else in our education or career.


We think it is time for refined trauma-healing work to get into an ever deeper relationship with ourselves, be more connected, and deeply enjoy relating to people and life. Times are changing and trauma-healing is a gateway into changing the way in which we change. 


Trauma-healing is a body-awareness approach which restores self-regulation and returns a sense of aliveness, relaxation and wholeness to individuals. Trauma is an activated incomplete biological response to threat, frozen in time. Trauma is physiological and not in the mind. But we can heal the mind through the body. One major goal of this body-based approach is to relieve and release stress. It is possible to heal traumatic symptoms by completing the incomplete respone to threat and emotional overwhelm by discharging the stored energy. We can support and empower each other in the process of transforming trauma.

We have only one big fear in our lives. It is the fear of not being able to cope with specific situations. We can re-learn active and available defense responses to deal with our deepest wounds.


The brain's function is to choose from the past, to diminish it, to simplify it, but not to preserve it.

Henri Bergson from The Creative Mind, 1911.



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