working with children

Children develop at a much faster rate than parents, adults or teachers. Today's children are perceptually ahead of us. They challenge our knowledge and experience base for raising them up. Their sensitivity and awareness challenges our sometimes crystallized view of the world. We are transparent to them and they have a wisdom and health that keeps us sane.


In this seminar Andrea Wandel will offer her original ways of meeting children. She will be a mediatior between the immaterial wold of children and the solidified world of grown-ups. Andrea will lead us into refining our perception, discerning subtleties, and making us see without eyes and listen without ears. She will help you to discover diverse listening skills to deepen receptivity and attunement.


Do you know what you do not know?

Do you have an idea how subtle, gentle, tender and fine connection can be?

Do you know what it takes for you to be touched, moved, or even healed by a child?

Are you aware what the immaterial, gentle, weird, inaccessible inner world of children are like?

Do you wonder about how little you wonder? 

Do you............ ?


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