in & out of control

In & Out of Control


• Free introduction: Wednesday 15th of April between 17.00 h and 18.00 h

• 4 sessions during 4 weeks: every Monday

• Start: Monday 20th of April between 12.00 and 13.00 h for 4 weeks.

• Price as from 20.04.2020: 145 € VAT incl. for 4 weeks (45 € VAT incl. for 1 session)

• Facilitators: Andrea Wandel & Ann-Kasra Van Rompaey

• This training will be given in English





In these times of uncertainty, a lot of us are challenged to live a life between normality and the

challenge of an ongoing fear and changing outer circumstances connected with the Corona Virus.

We as humans need to feel confident that we are able to master life.

At the moment, there is a lot we cannot control. We may feel overwhelmed and having the feeling

we cannot cope. This is a normal reaction in a not normal time.

Andrea Wandel and Ann-Kasra Van Rompaey would like to spend a few moments with you. We

would like to give you tools for your daily practice to regain a sense of safety and to let go control in a

controlled way.


Healing factors to balance:

• Calming down the body

• (Self) Centering

• Connection



In & Out of Control

What we will offer?

• Orientation in the present moment

• Finding resources that make you feel better

• Connection with your SELF and others

• Attachment

• Simultaneous awareness

• Strenghten your immune system – Nervus Vagus


Our working tools:

• A little theory to give some insights about the working of the autonomic nervous system

• A lot of body based exercises

• Direct contact with each other through ZOOM

• Meditation

• Q&A time


What do you get out of it?

• Regain objectivity

• Calming down anxiety

• Rebalance stress responses

• Having control even when you are not having control


Information and subscription

Mail to Ann-Kasra Van Rompaey ( and let us know if you subscribe for the free trial

and/or the whole zoom mini training. You will receive an email with the zoomlink.


This zoom training is in collaboration with Quinx .


In this period, Quinx also wants to support some charity projects like a refugee & bedouïn project.

10% of this turnover goes to these projects.