Healing Your Creativity


Would you like to experience, how the nonsense - sense of life and your real creativity can touch and liberate you?


A four-day Seminar with Andrea Wandel and Klaas van Leggelo, her "Paradox Traveller" 


May this seminar give you the structure to discover the Creativity of your life.

Together we stand stronger than when we are alone. Let us be excited in the encounter to give each other our time and our presence. This Seminar is for people who haven’t found all the answers yet, even though the answers have been there all along.


It is about you, even though it isn’t about you.


The mystery of the Paradox and your real Creativity can teach you to love and respect yourself even more.


The inner parts of our personality want to be experienced in themselves.  In our normal day-to-day life the paradox often gets a raw deal, or gets brushed aside. There, where un-integrated things get left behind is what we want to explore.


When the shame and the paradox make their appearance, health is very near.


How can we learn to strengthen the health with the opposite, instead of standing in our own way?


I would love to ask you a few questions, to establish your limitations, which can carry you further and can make the impossible possible.  


What is it that inspires you so much that the gravity lets you fly towards heaven?


What opposite convinces you about the opposite?


Which rhythm throws you out of balance and gives you the courage to try something new?


Which disturbance do you experience as mercy of your development?


Where does the boredom end and where does your life’s adventure begin?


How to test the limitations of your possibilities, without tangling up your old survival strategies?


When does contradiction meet comprehension and lead you to new insights?


During this seminar we’ll invite the unexpected, and will encourage you to discover your age-old way of your fascinating life.


We will invite your different competences of awareness to dive into a fulfilled picture where you can be the active manager of your life.


We would like to strengthen your experience of your being

with help of practical demonstrations and small role-plays.