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After having followed several deeply impacting HYO workshops with Andrea, at first I was a bit reluctant to participate at an online HYO, as I thought that the physical presence of the participants somehow would have a big influence on the quality of the sessions and that the connection with the others would be less deep than what I had experienced so far.  

Looking back now afterwards to the online workshop, I do not regret it at all: the energy continued to do its work, why would it not? The connection with the others at the body/mind level was less present, but the deeper connection was therefore more on the foreground. One could say that the physical presence and all the mind activity that comes with the identified person is less in the way of the processes going on. Also the interaction with Andrea remained sublime, guiding you through what needs to explored or seen. 

And at the end it is all about getting your objectives straight, no?

When I first heard about a HYO trough Zoom I have to admit I was reluctant and told myself: this kind of work doesn’t work outside of a physical form.

From the moment I logged in to the Zoom Session, I felt that only the form was different but that the presence, the connection and the depth that Andrea, Klaas and the other participants would bring in were not so different from what I've experienced in real-life HYO's.

The deep inner work continues but in a different form. In some way it’s like finding your favorite cookie in a different package!

It’s a blessing to know that this kind of work is not limited to where Andrea and Klaas are in the world.

I’ll not hesitate to participate in a next online HYO and I encourage others to go for this experience. 

 What I loved from the first moment I met Andrea, is her special way how she’s connecting to people, beyond words, with an incredible awareness on all levels of consciousness.  Sometimes she’s already meeting you in time and space a few days before you actually meet in the here and now.

And you are allowed to just be as you are, you don’t need to change anything.  That gives an immense feeling of safety from the beginning.


Andrea is non judging and never impressed with what is there.  Because of that, it is much easier to tell your story. 

She’s listening very carefully and not only to the words, much more to your body and hers’. 

The body signals are often the guidance of the process.

With her precision, gentleness, knowledge of different techniques and intuitive power, she guides you through the process what develops, without any intention of a specific outcome. 

And when it is too much for your body, she takes over, step by step. 

She is using different tools, from inviting questions over body contact to spiritual wisdom.

And most important, you as the traveler, you stay in control and you decide.


In the sessions and workshops with Andrea, I always feel incredible seen and safe.  The biggest difference I feel since I am traveling with her, I feel much more grounded.

It feels like I have a base now, a ground which is stable enough to overcome whatever is happening. She helped me to regulate my Autonomic Nervous System.


Kasra from Belgium