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Connection without borders

Monthly webinar



Even now, the world has changed, we have changed and we still need to find and integrate new pathways how to deal with this new world which is still changing ever day.


We offer you an ongoing platform where we join one a month to deepen specificities topics which you can also bring in yourself, to connect with each other and to share and learn from each other.


We will deepen how to be and stay resilient during a global crisis. We will help each other to break and discover the deep needs of human nature. And we will open up the field to create individual roadmaps how to navigate through this new time.


• 12 sessions during 1 year, once a month

• Price for 1 year: 420 € (35 € a month) 


IN & Out of control

5 webinars for you - Start 15. April 2022

In these times of uncertainty, a lot of uns are challenged to live a life between normality and the challenge of an ongoing fear and changing outer circumstances connected with the Corona Virus.
We as humans need to feel confident that we are able to master life.  
At the moment, there is a lot we cannot control.  We may feel overwhelmed and having the feeling we cannot cope.  This is a normal reaction in a not normal time.
To regain a sense of safety and of being in control, we need to focus on what we can control and let go of what we cannot. 
It rebalances our stress response, calms anxiety and helps us regain objectivity.
During 5 webinars of 1 hour, we give you lots of tools to regain control and let go control in a controlled way.
The webinar will be given by International expert Andrea Wandel (HSP, trauma & Health Pracititoner) and Ann-Kasra Van Rompaey (Belgian trauma coach).
Enclosed, you find our more detailed invitation.
We are looking forward to meeting you on Wednesday 15th of April for the start (first week will be offered for free).
Please subscribe by sending an email to and you will receive a ZOOM link in the coming days.
Keep safe & well.
Andrea & Ann-Kasra


Healing your origin


New Dates Coming soon




     from 10.00 -13.00 and from 14.00 – 16.30 h included morning and afternoon break


·      Price for 2 days including own process: 380 € - observer and field participant: 200 €


·      Facilitator: Andrea Wandel – Assistant facilitator: Kasra Van Rompaey


·      This training will be given in English


·      Max participants: 6 active an 2 -4 observers



Content & Design




We are going through a challenging time. Our normal habitual ways of living are being disrupted, which can trigger old wounds, stress or fear.


This situation can also open up a space for deep inquiry and transformation that is not possible when we are embedded in our usual habits. This workshop wants to invite conditions to recognize the deeper forces at work and we can prepare the ground for an evolutionary opportunity of growth.


Our early experiences reach deep into our somatic, emotional, energetic and spiritual make-up. It is this heightened vulnerability that requires a safe space. This special space allows for slowness, listening, mindfulness, gentleness as well as attentive presence to invoke healing in the different levels of our being-nature.


In the very beginning of our life we undergo basic imprints that forms our behavioral patterns. Separation from source, conception, embodiment, intrauterine experiences and the quality of the birthing process have a strong impact on the way we experience the world.


This foundation in combination with early bonding and attachment processes shape our way of relating to the world, to ourselves and to people around us.


          Healing factors to balance:

·      Calming down the body

·      (Self) Centering 

·      Connection


          What we will offer?

                  ·      A safe space with a small group from your own home

                  ·      Time for each process to unfold

                  ·      Mindfulness and attentiveness with yourself 


               Our working tools:

·      Body based trauma work

·      Wisdom & intuition of the group – the group is participating in the process

·      Spirituality 


What do you get out of it?

                  ·      Healing of your wounds

                  ·      More connection with yourself and the group

                  ·      Increase intimacy with yourself

                  ·      Extra resources which you could use in your daily life

Informations & Subscription


Mail to Kasra Van Rompaey ( and let us know if you subscribe for your own process or if you subscribing as an observer.  You will receive an email with the zoomlink.